What is music about?

23 May 2016
Jaan Bossier

Jaan Bossier



In how many ways we can actually describe what music is about? Is sound the main focus? It could be about vibration, rhythm, movement, silence, certainly communication. Different approaches of exploring sound, sharing senses, feeling the music.

Feel the Music, MCO's most successful education project working with deaf and hearing impaired children. After four years, for me the very first time I could join.

Communication might be the strongest power of music for me. Exchange of language and emotions. Always a story to tell. And that is exactly how this project manages to reach the hearts of those children, through a non-obvious medium to them: sound. The probable key lays in a limitless devotion from both sides, from the children and from us. The world of music is of no evidence to enter for those children. But music is obviously not only about sound as we hear it, as I mentioned above. The enthusiasm and happiness I have seen with the kids, has simply overwhelmed me. To see this happiness in sharing sound, is a significant reason why I make music.

Katowice, at about 40 km from a place with the weight of dark history. Auschwitz.

Now I have seen the place I only knew from pictures and history books. No need to speak. It exists. And left a heavy print on me these days.

The orchestra projects with Ilan Volkov and Thomas Søndergård, playing music of very different styles by Haydn, over Schubert, Mahler, Wagner, Sibelius, Britten, Vivier to Scelsi, have saved and guided me through these days of quite extremes. Music, our way to process emotions.

This week I got lost with the laws of gravity. Time for something else.