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1 May 2022

The MCO embarks on a new adventure and bring you Future Presence, a three-chapter project with its Artistic Partner for Immersive Experiences Henrik Oppermann. Through Future Presence, we explore the possibilities of engaging music performance with virtual reality. 

As users with the help of VR headsets explore their virtual environment the sound of the multi-dimensional recording responds in real-time. This transforms the listener’s encounter, undermining prevailing notions of acoustical “sweet spots“ and enabling a new and fluid aural experience that mirrors the dynamic interactions inherent in music and between the musicians. In short, where previously an engineer would take the sole authority to determine how the music should be experienced, now the listener has complete freedom to explore for themselves.

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  • Generously supported by the German Federal Government Commission for Culture and the Media through "NEUSTART KULTUR".


14 March 2022 / by Jonathan Wegloop


the joy of playing

2 December 2021 / by Michiel Commandeur