Inspiring Days with the MCO Academy

3 December 2018
Rodrigo Moro Martín

Rodrigo Moro Martín



Very exciting tour ahead with the MCO Academy students!

Monday 19 November

I arrived in the early morning in Düsseldorf and I decided to stay there for a while as I have a friend studying there that I hadn’t seen for some time, always very rewarding in MCO, it gives you the time to travel and see people that you have met over the years in different countries. We had some very nice food and some mulled wine from the Christmas market houses.

Tuesday 20 November

We had our first meeting with the students. I was also a mentor so I met the student that I would mentor during the week. Very young talented student from Barcelona.

Then we had our first rehearsal and the sound was just fantastic, the great level of the students and the hard work of the mentors assured a really high level of playing from the first day.

After the rehearsal there was a welcome drink for everyone in domicil which was very nice to be able to meet everyone.

Wednesday 21 November

I arrived a little bit early in the hall to warm up a bit, on tour you always have to find spaces to practise as it is not that easy!

Before the afternoon rehearsal I listened to the pupil that I was mentoring a little bit which was excellent, it’s amazing to see how young people play better and better each generation, very inspiring for me!

After the rehearsal we went for dinner in a fantastic burger place near the Orchesterzentrum and afterwards for a drink in domicil. The next day was my birthday and to my surprise in domicil at 00.00 some people went to get me some chocolate, including Kinder Riegel (my favourite) and sang “happy birthday” which was very nice!

Thursday 22 November

In the morning rehearsal the orchestra played happy birthday for me which was very nice! Having your birthday and playing with MCO is very special!!

In the afternoon I had a walk around the wonderful Christmas market in Dortmund.