(Dedicated to My Lovely Desk Partner Michiel)

20 March 2017
Sonja Starke

Sonja Starke



Day One.

Arrival in Brussels (tired).

Meeting (too much to organize in an orchestra).

Food. Sleep.

Day Two.

Rehearsal (together).

We were very lucky to have amazing guest leaders! (feeling good)

Supermarket. Hummus. Sleep (good).

Day Three.

Enjoying Berio Folk Songs with fantasic Magdalena Kožená and beautiful solo playing of the string leaders and winds (many lucky tacets for us).

Ramen and edamame (delicious). Sleep.

Day Four.

Finally a great Belgian waffle, soft and sweet, with chocolate. Sun. (after dress rehearsal)

A walk. On my own. (Michiel was impressed).

Sound check. Food before concert. (Table backstage full of grapes, pears, chocolate and yakult. Took a lot. Florent too.)

Turned out Paulien had a waffle on her own too. (Michiel was even more impressed).

Concert. Exciting. Under the baton of young charismatic conductor Rafael Payare: very emotional Moldau (Smetana, really), very touching Berio Folk Songs (badambam!) and Dvorak 7th Symphony (what a piece of music!)

Applause. Hotel bar, chamomile tea, apple juice, beer (Belgium). Talks (Holland made it).

Good bye. Sleep.

Photos: Mahler Chamber Orchestra / © Klarafestival - Maxikamera