Concerto for Orchestra

13 September 2021
Stefan Faludi

Stefan Faludi



After our concert in London with Mitsuko Uchida on the 31st of January 2020, we followed Great Britain’s withdraw from the European Union that evening by the River Thames, and everywhere throughout the city. At this time many of us had the impression that for the orchestra things could change dramatically, particularly in regard to travelling to Great Britain in the future. At this time however, nobody could imagine how serious the cut would be due to the pandemic that would haunt Europe in a short time.

Now we have truly managed to play the world premiere of George Benjamin’s Concerto for Orchestra in London. Which organisational obstacles, which anxieties, and how many sleepless nights are lying behind all those who took part in this project? These thoughts were not present for me as soon as I sat down on stage of the Royal Albert Hall – a moment when only the concert matters.