Chamber Music up in the mountains

10 September 2015
Chiara Santi

Chiara Santi



We played the Stravinsky's octet in the most beautiful European music halls in these years, but this time was really going to be something "different".

After two days of rehearsing in beautiful Bolzano preparing the whole programme of the concert we were ready to go at 9:00 in the morning. Do we have everything? Comfortable and sporty clothes and shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen... Are we really going to play a concert?

After a short car ride we take the chairlift (how should I hold my bassoon case? Never happened to go on a chairlift with it!) and up there we begin to hike. Mmmh... it seems a bit harder than expected, especially for the weight of the instruments, but the view is so amazing, the air is sparkling, a bright sun above us...

After 45 minutes we arrive at Rifugio Roda Di Vael, a lot of people are already there waiting for the concert. We take a little rest and we leave again to go to the real concert venue right under the top of the mountain. What an amazing surprise... what an audience!

I came back with lot of beautiful feelings, satisfaction, proudness, happiness. I will never forget it, thanks to Festival I Suoni delle Dolomiti for giving us the chance to have this experience.