A Very Special Tour

5 December 2016
Paulien Holthuis

Paulien Holthuis



While I am sitting at the airport I'm thinking about how to start the tour diary this time. I would like to write that we have had a great tour which has been very special for me. But I am worried that people who read this might think that this is old news because it seems like MCO is having all the time great tours and concerts!

I will try to do my best to tell you why this tour has been really special to me. 

The tour started in the Netherlands!

The first rehearsal was in Rotterdam, in the concert hall “De Doelen”. Nice feeling to enter De Doelen and see “MCO” people. I work there as a freelancer and just had one week ago a concert with the Rotterdam Philharmonic. Now it is us and we are starting the day with Matthew, our concertmaster, to rehearse the Bartók Divertimento. Matthew’s big talent is to lead a rehearsal with good spirit, clear ideas and humour. In Bartók’s Divertimento there are also a lot of solos, which were played really well by all our leaders!

And what a great pleasure and honor to play with Mitsuko Uchida in the Netherlands. I felt so proud. I had in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Dortmund a lot of friends and family in the audience. Also my daughter (11) and my husband were there. This gives a very special atmosphere and extra positive nerves!

In the train from Dortmund to Berlin I opened my book where I have a Ginkgo leaf as bookmark. Only two weeks ago we were in Japan. Time flies! Travel time is for me some time for myself to think back, to organise things for the future and to rest.