mozart momentum: in conversation / part iii

22 April 2022

Part 3: A Freelancer is born

Everybody knows Mozart for arias, opera and concert pieces, but not all know that he was a pioneer who fought for professional and artistic freedom. The composer is often considered the first musician who emancipated himself from the subordination of the feudal system and worked as a freelancer. 

What did those freelance days look like? How did it influence his compositions during that time?
Answer these and more questions by joining us in the latest episode of Mozart Momentum: in conversation: Episode III: A Freelancer is Born.

MCO violinist Yannick Dondelinger digs into the archives together with pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and violinist Matthew Truscott to unravel the life of Mozart, the freelancer.

Enjoy listening to the latest episode of the MCO's podcast, Between The Bars, on your favourite streaming service.


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