Mozart momentum: In conversation / part ii

17 April 2022

Part 2: Family, Friends, Freemasonry

Mozart joins the Freemasons at the end of 1784, right before two of his most creative years are about to unfold. In 1785 and 1786, the composer's creativity seems to know no limits as one masterpiece after the other flows from his pen. How did his membership with the organisation inspire him and influence him? Did it change his perspective on life?

We ask ourselves these questions in the second episode of our four-part miniseries revolving around some of the most fruitful years in Mozart's life as a composer. 

With the help of Mozart's letters and the insightful eyes and ears of pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and violinist Matthew Truscott, Yannick Dondelinger gains more and more insight into the life and thoughts of the composer.

Special thanks to voice actress Stephanie Baubin. 

Enjoy listening to the latest episode of the MCO's podcast, Between The Bars, on your favourite streaming service.


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