»Bye bye Beethoven«

19 May 2016


Thursday 20:00 / Kampnagel (K6)


CHARLES IVES: The Unanswered Question

JOSEPH HAYDN: 4th movement from Symphony no. 45 in F-sharp minor Farewell (Arrangement: Ángel Hernández-Lovera)

JOHN CAGE: Once upon a time from Living Room Music

JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Chorale Es ist genug BWV 60,5

GYÖRGY KURTÁG: The Answered Unanswered Question op. 31B


LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: Violin Concerto in D major op. 61

JORGE SÁNCHEZ-CHIONG: CR][SH für Violine, Turntables und Orchester (2016)

  • Leader and Violin Patricia Kopatchinskaja
  • Sound Design Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
  • Scenic Realisation Maria Ursprung & Lani Tran-Duc
  • Video Jonas Link
  • Lights Ricarda Koeneke

Patricia Kopatchinskaja and the MCO raise questions about conventions in classical music through Bye Bye Beethoven, an innovative concert performance.

In keeping with the motto of this year’s Hamburg International Music Festival, Freedom, this performance attempts to free classical music from traditional expectations. Bye Bye Beethoven, which was conceptualized by Patricia Kopatchinskaja, will be presented at Kampnagel, a performance space that doubles as a meeting place for freelance artists and a laboratory of ideas. 

Patricia Kopatchinskaja, known for her versatility and curiosity, once said:  “Classical music is like a big cruise ship, with everyone sitting in the back looking backward, at the past. No one is sitting in front looking forward…“ 

Bye Bye Beethoven, the fourth collaboration between the MCO and Patricia Kopatchinskaja, addresses such restraints and clichés of classical music through a staged production. This performance involves musicians in both conventional and unconventional roles, encounters with different genres of music – including a collaboration with sound designer Jorge Sanchez-Chiong – and discourse among sound, space and imagery.

A production of the Hamburg International Music Festival

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21 May 2016 Berlin

Saturday 20:00pm / RADIALSYSTEM V

Works by: Charles Ives, Joseph Haydn, John Cage, Johann Sebastian Bach, György Kurtág, Ludwig van Beethoven

With: Leader and Violin Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Sound Design Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Scenic Realisation Maria Ursprung & Lani Tran-Duc, Video Jonas Link, Lights Ricarda Koeneke