Naomi - profile

Naomi Peters

2nd violin


When and where was your first concert with the MCO? Don Giovanni in Lyon 1998: it was like a dream!

What is the best thing about being a musician? The chance you are given to constantly search for beauty, for essence, for depth via the spirits of great (or even less great) composers; to be directly in contact with your own soul and the listener’s soul as well.

The most inspiring composer: Beethoven: his quartets, his piano sonatas, his symphonies. It contains everything of life and I can always listen to it, in all circumstances and in all moods.

The first piece of music you fell in love with: The Rumanian music of the violinist and composer Grigoras Dinicu. As a child I listened again and again to the old, small record, which my father had found at a market. It is Dinicu who inspired me to play the violin.

What is your most memorable moment with the orchestra? There are so many memorable moments, memorable concerts, memorable tours and memorable parties. We have played with great conductors and great soloists. But what I would like to recall is the one time it didn’t work so well with a conductor, and the orchestra decided – just before the concert – to go ahead and play and take the initiative itself, no matter what. I was impressed by the strength and the attitude of the orchestra, an orchestra made up of intelligent and sensitive musicians that listen to each other constantly – and not only just on stage. What struck me is how at that memorable concert, the orchestra took it upon themselves to respect the music above all. I am grateful to be part of such an ensemble.


Naomi Peters studied with Lex Korff de Gidts in Utrecht, where she graduated with the highest distinction for her Bachelor’s exam. She continued her studies in Amsterdam with Istvan Parkanyi. Charles-Andre Linale and Herman Krebbers were other important and inspiring teachers, and for chamber music her mentors were Milan Skampa, György Ligeti and the Altenberg Trio Wien.

From 2008 till 2012 she took on a position as leader of the second violins of Holland Symfonia. In 2014, she was appointed principal viola in The Ballet Orchestra of Amsterdam. She now combines the job with traveling around the world with the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, where she has been a regular member since 2001.

In addition to her work in orchestras, she has a great passion for chamber music. As part of the Delos Ensemble – which won the competition Vriendenkrans van het Concertgebouw Amsterdam – Naomi has performed concerts in the Netherlands and travelled on special tours to the Middle East and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Since 2004, she has been primarius of the Jenufa Quartet, which regularly performs classical and romantic repertoire and collaborates directly with the composers to perform contemporary Dutch compositions.